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Today I want to put out my take on THE GATEWAY DRUG, something the good ol’ boy system, (no doubt prodded by the big name pharmaceutical and breweries) wanted you to think was MARIJUANA for so many years.

Remember Anslinger? NO? CLICK HERE to learn about him. After that CLICK HERE to hear one of the interesting theories about how and why he went so strong against marijuana, a long-accepted substance.

Or you can go watch Alex Jones take on it, but I recommend watching the original PSA called “Reefer Madness” by CLICKING HERE.

That’s NOT what I am here for.

I’m here to say the common sense every parent should realize:


Let me clarify “home” too because IF NOT THEIR OWN, it may be the girlfriend, boyfriend, or friend’s home and of course that’s the NUMBER ONE reason to make an effort to know who your children are hanging out with, but that is a different story.

The GATEWAY DRUG can also be METAPHORICALLY “found” by listening to a parent or sibling talk idealistically about it. The light and excitement that takes over one’s face IS contagious.

Imagine someone tells you about the BEST dance club in an international place you are going to next year. YOU ARE going to make a point to go there if you can. Or, you’re told that the oranges from the BLAH BLAH deli are freshest around town. THE BEST. Animated hands, bright eyes shining while you reminisce about that MOST TASTY piece of fruit. How good are the odds that the person is going to want to go try it..

AHA, make sense?

So yes, in some cases it could very well be marijuana. But it is not as simple as that.

I propose that the gateway drug, if not something already established and condoned by a member of the family, is the substance they can find in the home: alcohol, spray huffing, K2, pills/heroin opiates, marijuana, whatever they can get their hands on that will allow the mind-altering “fun” they have heard about.

If it isn’t marijuana, it will be something else.

Remember that!

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